X-TRA.SERVICES: // Ctrls // Ren G // Lydo

July 9, 2022

Lydo’s X-TRA.SERVICES has quickly emerged as one of NY’s most adventurous parties, routinely booking cutting edge artists whose work bends, stretches and subverts the dominant paradigm. This makes CTRLS a perfect headliner. The Dutch producer renders techno as heaving machine funk with a strangely organic morphology. His recent EP “Your Data” for DJ Stingray’s Micron Audio pushes his sound into metal-on-metal electro, while a recent b2b with Solid Blake has him in classic, driving form. Ren G brings a taught, menacing perversion to her sets. Tracks like “I Eat Boys” and “The Kick Drum” modernize a classic tradition of exuberant licentious confrontation. Lydo remains one of BASEMENT’s most essential artists for their cruising, slamming sound. Hints of trance, hardcore and classic Detroit techno weave through their selections, while the sets glide and swerve with the steely grace of a Formula 1 race car.