Xiorro // Auspex // Fadeface

January 17, 2020

FacebookResident Advisor

XIORRO Co-founder of ALKHEMY & The Black Hole and resident at Berlin’s Griessmuehle, Puerto Rican artist Xiorro has quickly become an artist to watch. Part of wave of NY artists pushing techno into faster & rougher extremes, his sets writhe and spasm with blinding intensity. Strap in

AUSPEX Dominion founder Auspex has been pushing a blistering, industrial sound for the past couple years. After unstoppable sets at Unter, the Black Hole and other parties, he’s brought his vision to bear on disc with the grotty “Suspicion” on Oath. The EP drops a heavy gauntlet of acidic summonings and back room incantations.

FADEFACE FadeFace’s live modular embrace cavernous emptiness, ethereal moments and devastating techno minimalism. He returns to Basement following an entrancing set this past summer.