X-TRA.SERVICES: Juri Heidemann / Tomás Urquieta / Lydo / Kiernan Laveaux / Joselo

April 15, 2023

BASEMENT: Juri Heidemann / Tomás Urquieta / Lydo
STUDIO: Kiernan Laveaux / Joselo

Juri Heidemann comes over from Berlin, making his BASEMENT debut at X-TRA.SERVICES. Formerly known as Mio, Heidemann excels at crafting lean, soaring techno that isn’t scared to get its hands dirty. His releases on labels like Instinkt Lab and Be As One are top-tier examples with a raw, gritty, Detroit-influence. With a minimum of elements, Heidemann creates instant, driving drama. TraTraTrax artist Tomás Urquieta is one of the most exciting experimental techno artists to come out of Chile's fertile underground. His productions balance a raw, sledgehammer brutality with a sensitivity and suppleness that positively blooms. His sets bound and bounce with huge latin drums, glazed in alien sonics. Lydo similarly finds pockets of sensuality and strangeness in the midst of their highwire sets. The BASEMENT resident can cover ground from the epically banging to the eerie and organic without missing a beat.

Kiernan Laveaux is a dark mistress of contorted house, bruised electro and thick, dub-laden extrapolations. Her sets can be rooted in classic dance sounds, but go in such startling directions that you would never call it a throwback. Endlessly trippy, the Pittsburgh-based artist is part of a new vanguard of artists who are bringing a fresh, radical perspective to DJing. Maricón founder Joselo brings a heavy energy to his sets. Dark, paranoid club sounds coil around explosive dembow, reggaeton and baile funk. Other times, the speed ramps up in a rush of candy colored mania. As an organizer, Joselo has made Maricón a hub for Latinx artists and QTPOC DJs, creating cross-cultural connections and fostering emergent talent.

■ No photos or videos
■ No phone use on the dancefloor
■ The dance floor is for dancing, not conversation
■ No glowing/flashing clothes or items
■ Respect other people's space, no shuffling
■ Consent is mandatory
■ Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination
■ Take care of each other, alert our staff if somebody isn't feeling well
■ Violating the house rules will result in removal
■ Ticket purchase does not guarantee entrance