Wrecked: // Abajour // Ryan Smith // Ron Like Hell

May 21, 2022

The two brothers who make up Abajour are some of Paris’ most esteemed selectors. Their long-running night [BP] brought an expansive, cross-genre sound to the city. These days, they play alongside artists as varied as Horse Meat Disco, Lorraine James and BASEMENT resident Justin Cudmore. A recent set at Cocktail d’Amore shows them in top form, rolling, trippy and anthemic. A perfect fit, then, for Wrecked. The long-running night organized by Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith has maintained an unshakeable ethos: music as varied as it is fresh, unimpeachable and yet approachable. As always, the residents hold court. Their sets have earned them global renown as some of NY’s most forward thinking talents.