September 17, 2022

BASEMENT: Clarisa Kimskii / Ryan Smith
STUDIO: Jacob Meehan / Father Figure

Wrecked takes advantage of the new two-room setup with a full venue takeover. Over her 20-year career, L.A.G. label founder, Clarisa Kimskii has put in time in her hometown of Washington, DC as well as New York and Berlin. In these hubs she developed her unique approach as a DJ and producer. Her hypnotic, spiraling techno sets have been showcased at essential institutions like Tresor and more cutting edge parties like Pornceptual, while her productions found a home on respected labels such as Monday Off, Dusk & Haze, Mysteries of the Deep and more. It was a return to DC in 2016 that brought the opportunity to connect with an emerging community of younger voices, centering around her party Sprüdel. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, she describes the political urgency that took hold in her DJing and the liberation that followed her coming out as trans, “Gathering with music was a form of resistance… I go with my instincts, and I found that I get way into the flow.” Having recently played standout sets at Honcho Campout, Club Toilet and Merge, Kimskii has cemented herself as one of the country’s most notable voices in the industry today. She headlines BASEMENT, alongside Wrecked’s own Ryan Smith. As a selector, Smith has the skills to slot in anywhere in the night. His knowledge runs deep, leaning towards the trippy and colorful, while his pacing is unhurried and entrancing. You can feel him listening, he balances technical dexterity with a rich appreciation for the music’s own contours.

Jacob Meehan headlines STUDIO. The Berlin-based, US-born artist has become a major figure in Europe’s queer underground. As one of the key organizers of the beloved Buttons party, he shares a sensibility with Wrecked; the party is famous both for its cutting edge lineups and excellent residents. Whether DJing or producing, Meehan specializes in understated perfection, setting up shop at crossroads of house, techno, electro, acid and funky breaks. Why choose when you can have it all? New Orleans’ Father Figure keeps the energy rolling. His Fagbash parties have helped shape a new chapter in the city’s rich musical story, while his label TRAX ONLY has become a hub for queer producers. His DJing is sleek and daring while flirting with bright, italo-esque flair and lush deep house atmospherics. He and Meehan recently began collaborating on Nightshade, an open-ended radio show that allows the pair to explore the outer reaches of their vast collections.