Vril // Ateq // LISAS

January 31, 2020

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VRIL Vril returns to Basement, following his triumphant live set this past July. The elusive Dystopian & Giegling alum has described his relationship to techno in meditative, spiritual terms, but don’t be fooled: Vril means business. His sets ooze and shudder, with expertly crafted arrangements pulsating with depth charge low end and an unstoppable gravitational pull. Recently he’s been performing as part of Sebastien Mullaert’s ever-mutating Circle of Live project, melding his dubby immersions with the collective’s more groovy approach.

ATEQ Ateq is one of the founding members of the beloved Giegling collective. Having come up as a teenager in Germany’s techno scene, he helped guide the group as it formed. His sets embody the organic, breathing feeling associated with that label: airy but thick, sometimes swaying in the breeze and other times moving with surprising aggression.

LISAS LISAS is the alias of NY artist Lisa Sdrigotti - synth guru, audio engineer at Joakim’s renowned Crowdspacer studio and machine savant. Working under the concept of Intersection Wavelength Frequency Alignments, her sets cross genre borders, tying together disparate elements with a throughline of menacing synthesis.