August 21, 2021

VERONICA VASICKA Vasicka’s Minimal Wave, and its partner label Cititrax, led a generation to the scuffed and grimy corners of punk-adjacent synth pop, helping to launch artists like Marie Davidson and re-introduce lost classics. Vasicka’s sets, both solo and in collaboration with Downwards’ Regis, hit with a brutalist touch - modern techno is blended with the rawer, more virulent sounds of the ‘80s underground. This counterbalancing draws a direct lineage between foundational experimentation and the sleek, honed sound profile of today.

RON MORELLI Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. has been a cornerstone in the American underground since its founding in 2010. Pushing an unpolished, urgent and thrilling vision of dance music, Morelli started the label with an unimpeachable run of then-unknown US-based talent: Terekke, Bookworms, Delroy Edwards and Xosar were responsible for some of the label’s earliest releases. Since then, Morelli’s curation has expanded its scope, while remaining unimpeachably intriguing. Morelli’s own music opts for the gutter, with albums like “Spit” pushing a proudly unvarnished take on rhythmic industrial noise. His DJ sets blend this no-fucks-given attitude with a particularly acerbic vision of the dancefloor.

JANUARY HUNT The enigmatic January Hunt is part of a new movement of experimental electronics in NY. Her work as a solo artist, in collaboration with Octonomy and as The New Castrati uses drones, ruptured sonics and deep electronic sound design to explore and interrogate the body.