Vague Mécanique (live) // Terence Fixmer b2b Phase Fatale // Ireen Amnes

May 27, 2022

Two generations of body music artists meet at BASEMENT. Terence Fixmer established himself back in the late ‘90s on DJ Hell’s Gigolo records with “Muscle Machine.” The album was practically a manifesto, establishing a fresh take on techno. Rooted in the raunchy sleaze of italo and Belgian EBM but modernized for club dancefloors, the unadorned minimalism and razor sharp focus set the tone for Fixmer’s storied career. Since then, he’s worked with labels as esteemed as Ostgut Ton, Jealous God and Novamute. Recently, he’s been collaborating with Phase Fatale, a newer voice in the hybridization of industrial, EBM and techno. The Berghain resident’s 2020 album “Scanning Backwards” was mixed specifically for that club and addresses themes of control and sonic weaponry. Now the two join for a very special live hardware collaboration as Vague Méchanique as well as a b2b DJ set following. London’s Ireen Amnes should fit in quite well: the Sonic Groove veteran mixes grinding industrial, leftfield techno and contemplative beatless atmospheres.