Tommy Four Seven // Tham // DAIYAH

April 29, 2022

“I love the crunch, the energy, the aggressiveness, the kind of rebellious sound” says Tommy Four Seven, describing their debut album Primate to RA in 2011. “It's a bit more what techno is for me, it's a bit more raw, it's a bit more true.” In the decade since, thankfully little has changed. From the start, the London born artist has been a leader, running their label 47, collaborating with a full roster of top names, and releasing a body of work that defines the potentialities of electronic sound design. Building their reputation on processed field recordings which were then warped and rendered into fully functional peak time bangers, Tommy Four Seven routinely outclasses many of their peers and imitators with startling, fresh sonics that have only increased in intensity. Berlin’s Tham is one of SNTS Records’ most promising new talents. The SYNOID resident is true school techno through and through - whether DJing or producing, their sound is rushing, delirious, pounding. “Silent Call” on SNTS serves as a four song magnum opus. The album is an all-killer workout for the ages, a ritualistic industrial rave firestorm. Rumble in the Ramble founder DAIYAH has been steadily building up her reputation across New York, returning to BASEMENT after a standout set opening for Ancient Methods. Her sound pummels with a fresh touch, keeping things saturated and laser focused.