Tapefeed // Veronica Vasicka // Moment of Terror

July 22, 2022

Italian duo Tapefeed have emerged as a groundbreaking presence on the scene. Welcomed in by London’s Fabric as residents in 2021, their productions writhe and twist with fearsome intent. Grotty and dank but also tight and determined, their productions achieve a sound signature truly unique to them. Their newly-minted Inveterate label started off with a bang: their own “Revolving Door” EP stands as the best release yet in a back catalog endorsed by none other than Mord, Metempsychosis and others. NY’s Veronica Vasicka is one of the city’s most important curators and selectors of the last twenty years. Her label Minimal Wave ignited the imaginations of a generation, introducing countless young producers to transmissions from a nearly-forgotten DIY synthwave past. Her presence and influence as a DJ, radio host, archivist, interviewer and organizer has never waned. MW’s sublabel Cititrax has presented some of the most startling and exciting electronic records in recent memory from artists as essential as Marie Davidson, Regis, Buttechno and more. Kyiv-born, NY-based Moment of Terror delivers on the name. EBM and techno are wrenched together and fused with darkly apocalyptic noise. Pure power with just enough hypnotic undertow caked with a thick layer of filth - nice.