Staub: Oscar Mulero / Irakli / Antenes

Oscar Mulero is a titan in the modern landscape. The Spanish artist’s richly produced works are some of the most exquisitely crafted examples of hypnotic techno today. Active for over thirty years, his labels PoleGroup and Warm Up have been the primary home for his staggering discography while also highlighting some of his finest peers: Mark Broom, Exium, Reeko are only some of the heavy hitters he’s worked with. His performance schedule is unstoppable as well. Mulero is a regular headliner at major clubs, parties and festivals across Europe and the globe. Irakli is a perfect match. The STAUB founder balances cold, ethereal ambience and clear, determined groove. In 2017, he founded Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound, a label which has been home to some of the most notable artists of our current era: Stanislav Tolkachev, Air Liquide and a tantalizing series of anonymous contributions grace the label’s tightly-curated catalog. Few New Yorker DJs have the history and the skills to match quite like Antenes. The L.I.E.S. affiliate commands respect with her flawless, vinyl-heavy sets.