SOMEWHEN Born in Berlin in the mid-eighties, Somewhen belongs to the new techno generation, in which original themes of the genre are continued, but whose meanings are adapted to the post-modern context. Somewhen initially learned to play the drums and the piano, later trying on hip-hop instrumentals. Influenced by bands like Depeche Mode or Massive Attack and the ubiquitous club culture of the capital, his sound design shifted ever more clearly into electronic terrain at the latest after the training to Audio Engineer. From hypnotic repetition to the subtle richness of detail to the penchant for atmospheric backdrops: Somewhen's techno-design feeds from different sources today, but they all follow a common vision, with which Somewhen deliberately defies one-dimensionality.

JUANA Birthed from a tribe of light-skinned opera singers and children of the soul mother from the universal vibrations of the earth spirit, Juana grew up on a steady diet of smooth jazz, jheri curl funk, and prog rock, which shaped her sensibilities immeasurably. Bored with her humble beginnings as a bedroom DJ spinning pulsating sweaty drug-fueled disco sessions alone in her Northside Chicago efficiency, she relocated to DC where her dedicated sycophancy earned her opening spots at some of the top underground house clubs such as Red, Dragonfly, and DC Sanctuary, and lots of places somewhere down on New York Avenue.

XIORRO A product of Brooklyn’s gritty underground, Xiorro is a Puerto Rican artist who has been a leading force in delivering the harder and faster end of techno to the local scene. Remaining true to the origin of his name, Xiorro, a renegade, leads his followers to revolt against the status quo through rebellious sounds and the awakening of the mind.  In 2016, Xiorro co-founded ALKHEMY and The Black Hole, the collective and rave with a mission to highlight diversity in techno.