SHDW & Obscure Shape // Damon Bradley // Adrestia

February 14, 2020

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 SHDW & OBSCURE SHAPE  The duo Shdw & Obscure Shape came out swinging. Since their 2015 debut on their own From Another Mind label, they’ve been responsible for an unrelenting run of 10 EPs and non-stop performances. Their honed, finely crafted sound burns with a focused clarity. They played one of the first sets at Basement and return less than a year later following the release of their dynamic “Die Illusion” on Artscore. 

DAMON BRADLEY  Born and bred in South Philly, techno legend Damon Bradley has been an electronic music enthusiastic for over two decades. He dove deep into the world of house music in 1989, listening to the legendary 105.3 FM WDAS R&B and classic soul radio station. In his later years he came to techno and trance music. He started DJ’ing techno in 2015 in Washington DC and has since played at venues across Washington DC, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia including Phonic parties in DC, EXILE Brooklyn, and Tilt. In 2017, Bradley headlined Copenhagen’s new rave series, Endurance alongside Hyperaktivist, Lunde and Ronde.

ADRESTIA  Alkhemy co-founder and Black Hole resident Adrestia distills a lifetime in the arts into her sets: strobing, celebratory workouts that leave the walls dripping. Active in BK since 2015, as an organizer she’s made it her mission to promote POC artists in electronic music.