Daniel Avery / Umfang / Interstellar Funk / Relaxer

September 23, 2022

BASEMENT: Daniel Avery / Umfang
STUDIO: Interstellar Funk / Relaxer

In a landscape of semi-anonymous techno producers, Daniel Avery is a rare rock star. The UK artist stands out for his bold, cinematic vision of techno and exactingly-rendered studio creations. Since 2013’s “Drone Logic,” Avery has developed a sound that blends impactful electronics, shoegaze-inspired washes of color, roaring crescendos and unrestrained emotions. Collaborations with Alessandro Cortini and remixes from artists as varied as Factory Floor, Audion and Rrose place him at a high vantage point. His most recent album “Ultra Truth,” makes excellent use of his hard-earned position, drawing contributors from across the electronic landscape to craft a searing, destructive culmination of his oeuvre to date. Umfang presents a steely counterpoint. Her raw, unvarnished sound channels techno at its most urgent and reduced. Drawing from the genre’s obscure corners, Umfang’s vinyl-heavy sets prove how radical this music can be.

Interstellar Funk, true to his name, is an artist whose work embodies an exploratory spirit while at the same time staying rooted to the dance floor. A consistent hit at Dekmantel, his productions traverse the terrain of synth-based sounds. Releases like “Caves of Steel” for Berceuse Heroique and “Electric Park Square” for Rush Hour bask in a deliciously rugged, clanging freakiness. His DJ sets fold this ruff attitude into a rolling energy, gliding into moments of frenetic euphoria. NY’s Relaxer shares this spirit, working across techno, ambient and experimental fields. The Planet Mu artist is rooted in late 90s punk, bringing a tensile energy and raw expressiveness to his productions and sets.