Mama Snake / Kancheli / Alex.Cosmos / ISAbella / Chris Cruse / Haruka

September 15, 2023

BASEMENT: Mama Snake / Kancheli / Alex.Cosmos
STUDIO: ISAbella / Chris Cruse / Haruka

Mama Snake finally lands at BASEMENT. The Amniote founder has long embraced the rushing, feverish side of techno. Her sets fuse colorful pulsations and dashes of cheek with hardcore dynamism and a low slung cool. She first emerged as one of the founders of Ectotherm, a label that spearheaded a new generation of expansive, barnstorming talent (including a debut from Schacke). Since then, she’s remained at the helm, with strong connections to Mala Junta and a direct line to a community of emergent, innovative producers. Her own sets are huge energy rushes that grab hold and don’t let go. Tbilisi’s Kancheli invokes the simmering intensity of his hometown like few can. Be warned: his sets come loaded with stark, post-apocalyptic menace and a grittiness so thick you’ll feel the dirt in your teeth. The Bassiani resident never flinches, pushing the groove to the opalescent heart of the night. Miami’s Alex.Cosmos is an elusive presence, but you’ll know when he’s on deck, with urgent and keyed up tracks inspired by a personal cosmology.

Spain’s ISAbella is a scene leader in her hometown of Barcelona, where her MARICAS night has become a staple of queer clubbing. In her own sets, she pulls from many heavy, heady sources, foreground searing and riotous sense of fun and even danger, mixed with plenty of balmy, seaside air. There’s a punky grooviness that runs throughout her sound, whether she’s digging in or laying back. Chris Cruse returns from LA. The Spotlight founder is similarly a champion of queer expression and life-giving hedonism, and has forged essential alliances with P-Bar, Cocktail d’Amore, Club Toilet and Snax. He’s a gem of DJ, learning into neon hues and joyously liberated sonics with a total sense of control. Haruka’s versatile, wide-ranging styles give her an admirable adaptability, but in everything she does there’s a deep flow. Her tracks play with NY house traditions with a lush, personal tweak and a level of technique that is completely distinct.

■ No photos or videos
■ No phone use on the dancefloor
■ The dance floor is for dancing, not conversation
■ No glowing/flashing clothes or items
■ Respect other people's space, no shuffling
■ Consent is mandatory
■ Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination
■ Take care of each other, alert our staff if somebody isn't feeling well
■ Violating the house rules will result in removal
■ Ticket purchase does not guarantee entrance