Sara Landry // Xiorro // Young Male

March 11, 2022

Sara Landry, the self-described “High Priestess of Ableton,” goes hard and has fun. Distorted-to-perfection kick drums and coiled sound design are her bread-and-butter, and her EPs for PinkStar Black and Possession deal in a riotous intensity that rolls with an undeniable sense of play. Black Hole and ALKHEMY co-founder Xiorro blends their Puerto Rican roots with modern, industrial techno to thrilling effect. Tracks like “Perreo Hasta En Los Raves” and “The Decline of white Power” move with a shattering, lithe energy. Young Male is a local legend: from the earliest 909 workouts on his runaway success label White Material to more recent barnburners, his sound has evolved considerably. His tightly crafted floorfillers run circles around his peers, showing a level of skill and clarity of vision that comes only with time.