October 9, 2021

SARA LANDRY In the new school of ear-bleeding, skull cracking acid techno, Sara Landry defines herself with a lean, nimble power. Her recent “Incoming” EP on Hecate is well-named: it lands with the force of a grenade tossed over enemy lines. Dexterous maneuvers and thrilling, high-BPM changeups give the sense of a furious chase scene down the highway at night. Her sets have taken her to festivals as prominent as Coachella, while her tracks have landed her on labels as respected as RAW and Crisis of Man.

VOLVOX Amongst an ever-changing sea of techno up-and-comers, Volvox remains one of the most respected & singular NY artists. Her Bossa Nova residency Jack Dept. was a definitive party in that venue’s storied first years, and she rose to prominence as one of Discwoman’s first breakout artists. But it’s been at Unter and on the international stage that her legacy as a force of nature has been solidified.

JUANA Discwoman’s Juana is an artist known for her unapologetic style, bringing an edge of controfontational defiance to house’s oft-smoothed contours. The Sequence co-organizer’s sets move through genres fluidly and can push into techno’s more pummeling corners. Yet she always maintains an expressive, jagged soulfulness.