Ryan Elliott // Fatherhood // Joey Quioñones

December 20, 2019

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RYAN ELLIOTT From Detroit to Berlin, Ryan Elliott is a professional late-night DJ. As a DJ, he is adept at the late hours, effortlessly easing dance floors from dusk into dawn. Ryan's knowledge of music is encyclopedic, one of the many reasons why Ryan is able to adapt and mold to any room of any size at any time of day. Ryan is meticulous yet unpredictable, with a knack for mass appeal, without sacrificing musical integrity.

FATHERHOOD New York based queer duo Michael Magnan and Physical Therapy are known for their long ecstatic sets. They both have had residencies at world renowned clubs such as Nowadays and Panorama Bar. Fatherhood has releases on several labels including London’s Batty Bass, Stockholm’s Study Records, and on Physical Therapy’s label, Allergy Season. Just over a year ago, they curated a mix for New York’s very own Nervous Records called “Bad Advice Vol. 1” that consisted on tracks to take listeners back to the energy of the 90s New York house scene.

JOEY QUIOÑONES Since 2015, Joey Quiñones has been a staple in New York City’s queer dance community. He’s played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry such as Danny Daze, Honey Dijon, Justin Cudmore, Luke Solomon and more. He has played at New York’s own parties such as Horse Meat Disco and Unter but has also brought his talents oversees to some of the best queer parties such as Gegan and Gayhaze.