April 9, 2022

Rrose, one of the most unique and revered artists in techno, makes their BASEMENT debut. The former Sandwell District affiliate first made their name with epochal dancefloor meltdowns like “Waterfall” and “Pentagons,” essential works that move and unfurl with an eerily organic quality. Rooted somewhere between raves and the world of post-war avant garde composition, Rrose’s performances are renowned for their psychoacoustic, immersive and haunting qualities. Kanding Ray is an artist whose experimental inclinations and deep approach to sound design makes them an excellent match. Since debuting in 2006, their work has continuously pushed the edges of techno. The self-described “free maverick” is defined by their tectonic sound, appearing on heavy-hitting labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts and Raster-Noton. NY’s Lychee brings a rich, dubby spaciousness. Their Spontaneous Affinity mix series and zine have documented some of the most exciting voices in the underground, while their sets are warm, expansive workouts.