September 24, 2021

ROBERT HOOD Robert Hood’s influence on the modern electronic landscape cannot be overstated: the Detroit Artist’s “Minimal Nation” and “Internal Empire” gave minimal techno its name and its earliest masterpieces. His driving, white-knuckle arrangements remain in a league of their own, his sly touch bringing the most distilled loops to life. Hood’s label M-Plant has released the lion’s share of his work since the early 1990’s, with a handful of exclusive guests. Meanwhile, as Floorplan, he’s released some of the most euphoric spiritual electronic music pressed to wax.

AURORA HALAL Aurora Halal has one of the most impressive bios amongst her peers in NY: founder of the acclaimed Sustain-Release festival and Mutual Dreaming party series, regular at Berghain and resident at Nowadays and a skilled producer and live act as well as an acclaimed DJ. She brings a dark sorcery to her performances; psychedelic and evocative, she’s become a favorite in NY and internationally for her powerful yet sensual sets.

FADEFACE New York’s FadeFace, aka Otavio Lemos, is one of the city’s most exciting new techno producers, also running his own record label Lemos. His bristling modular workouts for Lemos show a highly developed voice: spacious, focused and devoid of filler, his productions and DJ sets display an unwavering focus on techno at its most distilled.