Regis // Fiedel // Ne/Re/A

January 25, 2020

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REGIS Few artists can claim to have truly shaped music’s evolution even once; Regis has done it a few times. As the co-founder of Downwards, he played an instrumental role in developing the Birmingham techno sound. Growing out of Jeff Mills’ and Robert Hood’s more extreme minimal explorations, Regis’ earliest recordings were landmarks in brutalist industrial hypnosis. In collaboration with Surgeon as British Murder Boys and with Function, Silent Servant & Female in the Sandwell District collective, releases like “Learn Your Lesson” and “Feed Forward” set the bar for modern techno, influence a generation of artists with their combinations of thundering kicks and mercurial, mesmerizing sound design.

FIEDEL Fiedel has been something of a dark horse in electronic music, releasing landmark EPs, helming a residency at Berghain and cultivating a long-running relationship with the seminal Wax Treatment crew. Yet his sound remains surprising and fresh, shirking the expected muscle flexing of those associations for a lighter touch. Where his peers often go big, Fiedel goes weird. His grooves have a spring, his synths a glooby effervescence. That’s not a slight; his bright, unvarnished pallette kills - tracks like “Andreas” or any of his collabs with Errorsmith as MMM make quick work of the dancefloor. Last year he showcased his approach to DJing on the “Berghain 08” mix. In typical fashion, he skipped the studio and went straight to the club, recording it in the heat of the moment.

NE/RE/A Part of BK’s new wave of heavy, no-holds-barred DJs, Basque DJ & Distrikt1 founder Ne/Re/Ea bangs out heaving, saturated techno, EBM etc with a punk spirit. Her work was recently celebrated by Columbian DJ Juliana, who curated “Austral,” a compilation of Latin women in electronic music, released by the NOTT collective.