Regis // Young Male // L.Sangre

June 11, 2022

Regis returns to BASEMENT. The singular producer and DJ has been responsible for a string of definitive aliases, collaboration and labels. Downwards Records catalyzed the Birmingham sound and played an uncontestable role in the industrialization of techno, while Sandwell District transformed the more minimal, loop-based sounds of the day into something altogether more menacing. These projects alone set the stage for countless imitators, but you can add to the list: British Murder Boys, Ugandan Speed Trials, Jealous God, O/V, Concrete Fence, Reality or Nothing… the list goes on. New York’s Young Male and L. Sangre match his dark energy with their own unflinching intensity. Young Male is a techno practitioner of the first order: his earliest transmissions on the debut White Material EP showed an obsession with pared-back structures and granite-like strength. Each release since then fleshes out this singular vision. L. Sangre has established herself as one of the city’s premier EBM practitioners, bringing a coiled, lurid dynamism.