Regis // Ron Morelli // Ne/Re/A

March 26, 2022

Downwards Records, Sandwell Dsitrict, Jealous God, British Murder Boys, Ugandan Speed Trials - these are just some of the projects Regis, aka Karl O’Connor, has led. The Birmingham artist played a pivotal role in developing the UK’s no-nonsense sound. His 1996 album “Gymnastics” is an unparalleled study in the rhythmic potentialities of industrial grade half bar loops. Releases like Sandwell District’s “Feed Forward” helped to define modern techno, melding of throbbing low end and mesmerizing sound design. His more recent work continues to advance his legacy, with 2020’s “Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss” proving that, decades into his career O’Connor is at the height of his powers. This raw, defiant energy was no small influence on many of the artists on L.I.E.S., the instantly iconic label founded by Ron Morelli in 2010. Then-unknown American artists Terekke, Bookworms and Delroy Edwards flocked to the label. Since then, Morelli has expanded the label to include artists working across the globe, while remaining unflinchingly punk in spirit. Distrikt1 founder Ne/Re/A is a key part of NY’s current wave of unstoppable hardcore techno artists. Her work was recently celebrated by Columbian DJ Juliana, who curated “Austral,” a compilation of Latin women in electronic music, released by the NOTT collective.