Regal // Volvox // WTCHCRFT

May 6, 2022

If you know, you know: Spain's Regal is an artist whose name carries instant respect in techno. The Involve Records founder has worked with everyone from festival headliners like Amelie Lens to underground heroes like Bambounou. His productions are potent brews, distilling the euphoric energy of acid techno into something menacing and unstoppable. His recent “Ego Wars” on Ellen Alien’s BPitch Control renders his sound on a seismic scale. Though he’s maintained an unstoppable touring schedule across Europe, US appearances are exceedingly scarce. Volvox is a name that needs no introduction: the Unter resident and former Discwoman affiliate has been a consistent presence in NY for ten years. Coming from the acid-drenched closing sets at Jack Dept, her sets have shifted into the highest gear. WTCHCRFT meanwhile is a must-see new voice. Emerging in full force after the pandemic, his sets are driven by a quicksilver funk.