Rebekah // Shlømo // GIA

February 7, 2020

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 REBEKAH  “I want people to experience that feeling that I had when I was 17, just like, what the fuck is going on? Just being assaulted with records and grooves and different things” This is how Rebekha described her artistic mission to RA in 2017, and a quick glance at any of her recent sets will bear that out. Compared to her more linear peers, the CLR & Soma artist brings a vital diversity to her sets. Constant rhythmic interplay, bristling flourishes and uncompromising impact give her sets the kind of masterful freshness that can only come through decades behind the decks. Her hybrid sets often combine DJing with live hardware workouts, fusing her excellent production & selector chops. Following the release of her long-awaited debut album “Fear Paralysis,” Rebekha has dropped some of her most destructive works yet - EPs like “My Heart Bleeds Black” on Mord and “Murder In Birmingham” on Soma start at code red and only escalate. 

 SHLØMO  Taapion Records co-founder and Concrete resident Shlømo brings a loopy finesse befitting his hometown of Paris. Gnarly synths and cracking drums are blended with a liquid elegance and dramatic flair. His Tome EP for Delsin exemplifies the type of simmering slow burn that can take over a dancefloor when you least expect it. Recently he’s expanded into live sets, and also brought his ambient work to Berlin Atonal under his own name Shaun Baron-Carvais. “I’m thirsty for discovery” he recently told an interviewer. “I don’t want to put any boundaries on my music, especially in my own productions.”

GIA  Brooklyn based artist GIA’s sets at parties like Melting Point up the ante on the city’s recent ride-or-die approach to hardcore rave demoliton. Claustrophobic to the point of euphoria, her approach could perhaps be summarized by the adage that “pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress.”