Rebekah // Clara Cuvé // Starkk

July 8, 2022

Rebekah is on a mission: the Berlin based artist has fearlessly forged a path from early, foundational years in the Birmingham techno scene to the global stage. The evolution of her sound from pared-back loop techno into a kinetic, white knuckle thrill ride has been a sight to behold. Constant rhythmic interplay, bristling flourishes and uncompromising impact give her sets the kind of masterful freshness that can only come through decades in the field. “I want people to experience that feeling that I had when I was 17.” she told RA. “Just like, what the fuck is going on?” Mission accomplished. At her residency at Munich’s Rote Sonne, Clara Cuvé developed a reputation for frenzy. “Control,” released by Kobosil, rushes with unhinged energy and rippling, aerobic wildness. Her sets match this standard, keeping the tempos high and never letting up. NY’s Starkk brings a dark, molten energy to his sets. He mines heavy, sodden sounds, seeking redemption in the bleak, dystopian and guttural.