Randomer // Schacke // Lydo

February 8, 2020

FacebookResident Advisor

 RANDOMER  “You need to make it more stupid” is the advice, given by label boss Untold, that set Randomer on his path. You wouldn’t know it from his productions, which foreground his instantly-recognizable sound signature and are built on a foundation of esoteric and surprising techniques. Over the last ten years, his works have become some of the most indispensable in modern dance music. Tricky earworms and a blighty dancefloor sensibility and are woven through with jarring sound design and an infectious sense of play. As a DJ, these qualities shine through: slick and supple builds give way to monstrous moments, with an unwavering command of the crowd. 

 SCHAKE  From the ominous atmospheres of Schacke’s first transmissions on Ectotherm in 2016 came that song: “Kisloty People” was voted the best track of 2019 by Resident Advisor, and it’s not hard to see why. A unstoppably fun reworking of a forgotten turn-of-the millennium europop hit, its glistening trance arpeggiations push an already deadly track over the edge. Inspired by his residency at St. Petersburg’s now-shuttered Клуб, the Danish artist’s definitive EP is a gloriously emotive tribute to the unhinged energy of the east. 

LYDO  X-TRA.SERVICES founder Lydo has recently brought her giddy, jackhammer sound to Säule at Berghain, Fourth World in BK and other cutting edge parties. She’s known for huge moments and concussive force, as evidenced on last year’s epic Boiler Room: NYC.