Oscar Mulero // Adriana Lopez // Deepak Sharma

November 8, 2019

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OSCAR MULERO  Since the early 90s, Spanish DJ and producer Oscar Mulero has been a primary influence for the Spanish electronic music and underground techno scene. In the mid-’90s, him and his friends opened their own club, THE OMEN which soon became one of the biggest techno clubs in Spain. In the 30 years since the beginning of his musical journey, Oscar has played at established clubs and festivals across the world and has had a multitude of releases on impressive labels including on both of his own labels, PoleGroup and Warm Up.

 ADRIANA LOPEZ  A leading figure in the underground scene of her hometown of Bogata, Columbia, the Barcelona based DJ, producer, and owner of record label “Grey Report,” Adriana has become one of South America’s finest artists. She has packed clubs in cities across the world and even after relocating to Spain 15 years ago, she is still considered to be Colombia’s biggest pioneer of its electronic scene. 

 DEEPAK SHARMA  Curator of Hidden Recordings, DJ, and producer Deepak Sharma has been creating raw and gritty techno for over ten years. His DJ sets show his ruthless passion for the underground and the sounds take crowds through an energetic and hypnotic journey.