December 4, 2021

The UK has produced a lot of industrial techno artists, but few as singular as Perc. The Perc Tracks label boss and acclaimed producer is hands-down one of the definitive names in modern, granite-hard techno. Blending masterful sound design, decades of experience behind the decks and an impish yen for the chaotic, Perc’s track bludgeon and demolish without giving up a single ounce of pleasure. Listen to the way the kick drums bounce and explode on last year’s “Fire In Negative” and try not to smile, headbang, or both. If anyone is up to the task of matching these two, it’s NY’s current legend-in-the-making Antpuke. The Club Carry founderhas been burning across NY dance floors recently, their sets deluges of rushing industrial techno and trance bombs blended with riveting flair.