Partok // Madison Moore // Kim Ann Foxman

June 3, 2022

Israeli DJ Partok is a resident at The Block, Tel Aviv’s most prestigious club. Having honed his skills on that venue’s notoriously exquisite sound system, he brings a crafty touch to his mixes. Versatile yet honed, balancing his selections with a curator’s sensibility, Partok has earned a global reputation. OPULENCE co-founder Madison Moore brings an exuberant, jacking energy to the booth. The queer theorist, author and artist plays in a style that is, in their own words, “severe and sickening.” Yet it is also joyous and daringly free. Kim Ann Foxman has been a major presence in NY for years: the Hawiian-born artist’s journey through SF gay clubs, a tenure as a founding member of Hercules and Love Affair and to nearly every major DJ booth on the planet. Yet Kim remains underground, even as she flirts with household name status. The Firehouse boss is a beloved community member and unstoppable performer decades into her career.