January 15, 2022

Possession, one of the most exciting queer parties, takes over BASEMENT with an unspeakable lineup. Possession co-founder, a sensation in her hometown and a must-see abroad, Parfait’s sets keep the energy roiling, never dipping below 140 bpm. Unabashedly queer and insatiably hard, her sets are definitive statements from a new generation of artists who will not be ignored. Berlin-based DJ and producer D.Dan cuts elegantly between sludgy basement grime and coiled, chiseled definition. A recent Boiler Room set shows him cooly working the crowd into a frenzy, while his latest release “Mutant Future” on Lobster Theremin brings the tension to a boiling point with a seductive patience. In NY, Lydo needs no introduction: X-TRA.SERVICES founder has been wreaking havoc across dance floors for years. Lydo’s strength lies in their ability to cruise through the heavy stuff, making colossal tracks feel light as air and bouncy as a beach ball.