Dax J / Newa / TT / Regularfantasy / Jason Kendig

November 12, 2022

BASEMENT: Dax J / Newa / TT
STUDIO: Regularfantasy / Jason Kendig

Few techno producers have mastered the steely rush quite like Dax J. Having built up his reputation in the early 2010s, his 2015 album “Shades of Black” drew the world’s attention. Banging but fluid, understated yet massive, austere yet explosive, it turned the heads of DJs, critics and fans alike. Since then, he’s been unstoppable. His sets have the high-speed poise of a Formula 1 race, burning from one peak to the next without ever breaking a sweat. Georgian DJ and producer Newa brings a shadowy contrast. Whether at Bassiani, Berghain or countless other underground bastions, her music boils and undulates with a threatening spaciousness. At times calling back the grittily-swung hardware sound of Detroit, Newa’s energy stands apart from many of her more conservative peers. TT continues to impress at BASEMENT. The elusive NY DJ has been moving from strength to strength and become one of the most exciting voices in the city.

Regularfantasy makes her STUDIO debut. The Montreal artist is the boss behind the Plush Management Inc. label and Dig Your Own Rave series. Her sets are filled with breezy chuggers and effervescent grooves. Both in her label curation and sets, Regularfantasy makes space for a sense of serious play, with undeniable, fizzy energy that makes the dancefloor glow. Honey Soundsystem co-founder Jason Kendig is a national treasure. The Smart Bar resident has been active in the underground since the late 90s, remaining a vital presence from SF to Chicago to NY and beyond. His mixes reflect his rich history, blending joyful house-hybrids and effortless atmospheres with a master’s touch.

■ No photos or videos
■ No phone use on the dancefloor
■ The dance floor is for dancing, not conversation
■ No glowing/flashing clothes or items
■ Respect other people's space, no shuffling
■ Consent is mandatory
■ Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination
■ Take care of each other, alert our staff if somebody isn't feeling well
■ Violating the house rules will result in removal
■ Ticket purchase does not guarantee entrance