Mord Night: // Bas Mooy // Ansome // Young Male

April 2, 2022

Update on Apr 2 event: Unfortunately Antenes can no longer make it due to illness. Brooklyn's own Young Male steps up in her place.

Rotterdam’s Mord Records is one of the most iconic labels in modern techno, representing the vanguard with standout releases by UVB, Exium, SHXCXCHCXSH, Rebekah, Stanislav Tolkachev and Takaaki Itoh amongst many others. Now label boss Bas Mooy and signee Ansome descend on BASEMENT for a label night, joined by longtime NY favorite Antenes. On a label known for innovative sonic weaponry, Mooy often plays it cool. His productions match the nefarious undercurrent that defines the Mord aesthetic while not overplaying his hand. His “Killed Soil Sinking” E.P. fuses the opaque celestial mysteries of Jeff Mills with tectonic sound design. Ansome is, on the other hand, fully psycho. The Brixton artist’s contribution to the Mord catalog - 2014’s “Penny & Pound” - slaughters the dancefloor. With drum programming that sounds like an industrial factory mid-collapse, Ansome delivers a manifesto of unhinged, yet deceptively controlled brutality.