Oscar Mulero / Freddy K / Lydo / Jason Kendig / Jek / Miss Parker

March 18, 2023

BASEMENT: Oscar Mulero / Freddy K / Lydo
STUDIO: Jason Kendig / Jek / Miss Parker

PoleGroup and Warm Up boss Oscar Mulero is one of Spain’s foremost talents and an essential figure in the European techno world. His work began in the late ‘80s and has remained ruthlessly current since then. His tracks are pared-back and exquisitely scuffed, showing a level of care matched only by their burning intensity. He’ll find a solid match in Freddy K, another veteran who routinely outpaces his younger counterparts. The man behind KEY Vinyl, his tireless curation and community building has made him an indispensable force in his home of Italy. An absolute menace on the decks, he brings an old-school virtuosity to his sets that bridges devastating impact with an essential sense of space. BASEMENT resident Lydo opens the night. Their preternatural talent has not gone unnoticed, bringing their music to clubs, festivals and experimental corners alike. Always versatile, always real, Lydo never disappoints.

Since it opened, Jason Kendig has quickly made STUDIO his home. The Honey Soundsystem co-founder has been called “one of America’s smoothest DJs” by RA, and while he does possess a singularly effortless flow, Kendig’s sets are not without an edge. Owing a debt to classic Chicago house, Kendig evokes not only that era’s timeless class but also its tough determination and urban grit. Jek continues his run at the club, returning to STUDIO after a few sessions at BASEMENT. A deep digger with wide-open ears, Jek’s sound is defined more by mood than genre: his sets can ooze with thick bass and dubby drift or bang with assured poise. Either way, the trippiness and the physicality remain. Miss Parker is similarly unmistakable. Their productions and sets rush with high-octane euphoria and celestial mania. Drawing from dance music’s bleeding edge and the thrillingly omnivorous recontextualizations of NY’s queer underground, Miss Parker’s takes a slight detour for this special house set at STUDIO.

■ No photos or videos
■ No phone use on the dancefloor
■ The dance floor is for dancing, not conversation
■ No glowing/flashing clothes or items
■ Respect other people's space, no shuffling
■ Consent is mandatory
■ Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination
■ Take care of each other, alert our staff if somebody isn't feeling well
■ Violating the house rules will result in removal
■ Ticket purchase does not guarantee entrance