Luke Slater / Beatrice / Umfang

August 27, 2022

Some artists make techno, some artists live it. Luke Slater stands alongside peers like Jeff Mills, Surgeon and Richie Hawtin as one of techno’s defining voices. Starting in the early ‘90s on labels like Peacefrog and NovaMute, his releases under his own name, as Planetary Assault Systems and later as LB Dub Corp articulated the wild possibilities of the then-nascent genre. By turns unhinged and destructive, searching, cerebral or deeply emotive, Slater helped pave the way for countless followers. More recent releases with Token, Mote Evolver and Ostgut Ton have shown his craftsmanship to be unwavering. 2021’s “Sky Scraping” is as urgent a slice of techno as anything from his back catalog, tempering his fearsome attack with a nail biting restraint. Spanish up-and-comer Beatrice represents the next generation taking up the mantle. Her sets and productions bring a swirling hypnosis and a white knuckle drive. Discwoman’s Umfang completes the lineup. Her vinyl-heavy sets draw on techno’s heady and severe corners, creating paradoxically expansive vistas out of tightly wound loop techno.