L.I.E.S. night: Ron Morelli // Silent Servant

July 29, 2022

L.I.E.S. is a label whose importance to the American underground cannot be overstated. Founded in 2010 by Ron Morelli, the label came of age during a fallow time for US dance music. A new generation of DIY artists, working in bedroom studios with gritty hardware, reimagined dance music in fresh new lights. By turns urgent, hectic and stoned, the L.I.E.S. roster defined the era. Since then the label has grown into an institution, with an evolving roster of artists whose work continues to confront the boundaries of club music. Morelli co-headlines a label showcase with Silent Servant, whose recent “Optimistic Decay” EP for the label stands out against a back catalog of hits. Feral EBM excursions tempered by his years of innovative techno productions show him to be an artist who keeps moving from strength to strength. The two take over BASEMENT all night.