Juliana Huxtable // Heidi Sabertooth

JULIANA HUXTABLE The legendary Juliana Huxtable needs no introduction. Huxtable is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, performer, DJ and co-founder of the New York-based party Shock Value. She has exhibited at the New Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Institute of Contemporary art and many others. She has played at celebrated nightlife venues and parties across the world.

HEIDI SABERTOOTH ■ NYC-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Heidi Sabertooth has a serious love for hardware. Grit-laced drum loops, vintage acid and a tide of unruly sound clatters forth from her studio. She's been creating her unique brand of avant electronics since 2012 and she shares it with the world on her Newtown Radio show Deep Dive and her Techno Support Group residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club.