JUAN ATKINS Juan Atkins is recognized as one of the creators of techno music, which spawned a whole group of genres now known as electronica, and he was the first person to apply the word "techno" to music. His novel electronic soundscapes influenced nearly every genre of music that came after.

YOUNG MALE ■ Since emerging in 2012 New York based Quinn Taylor has used the alias Young Male to explore a uniquely brutalist approach to techno. Releases on his own White Material Records and Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records frame pounding rhythmic club tracks in stark, airless vistas. His productions display a directness reminiscent of Detroit’s halcyon days while utilizing a sleek, hi-fi aesthetic typically associated with contemporary European big room techno. In recent years Taylor’s DJ sets and mixes have impressed audiences with a high octane sound that’s honed for dance floor impact. He appears regularly at Berghain.

AUSPEX Auspex is a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer, and also plays host and resident to the monthly techno party, Dominion. Known for sets that traverse subterranean techno soundscapes, he has become a regular fixture of the Brooklyn underground scene at parties such as Unter, The Black Hole, Aphotic and more. This year saw the release of his first production work, with several high-profile releases just over the horizon.