SPFDJ / Schacke / Jek / Newa / fka.m4a

January 28, 2023

BASEMENT: SPFDJ / Schacke / Jek
STUDIO: Newa / fka.m4a

Intrepid Skin founder and Herrensauna resident SFPDJ makes her BASEMENT debut. In a landscape of fast-and-furious up-and-comers, SPFDJ leaves a remarkable impression. Her unyielding mixes set the standard for ruthless, nasty techno tooled for skull-cracking impact. Her rapid ascent is matched by the quality of her performances, which land with a sneering ferocity cut with occasional moments of snickering cheek. There’s a joy to be found in the bludgeoning. Schacke returns to BASEMENT for a solo set. Their track “Kisloty People,” voted by RA to be the best track of 2019, made them a household name, but since then they have more than proven their staying power. A techno firebrand with a sense of impish play, Schacke’s recent NY sets closing Wire Festival and at BASEMENT’s Fast Forward nights have shown an artist who embraces the bleeding edge and reshapes techno to their own desires. NY’s Jek is one of NY’s emerging new voices. Known for their flawless selection and unfussed flow, Jek’s sets are transportive cruises and effervescent dives.

Newa is back following her November appearance alongside Dax J, this time in her first appearance at STUDIO. The Georgian DJ is a regular at Bassiani and a steady presence on the international circuit, where she’s honed her tough, spacious sound. Building off the soulful, nervy profiles of the US midwest and blending that with coursing European linearity, Newa is a natural fit for the club. fka.m4a brings an explosion of fizzy club color and licentious naughtiness to their sets. A breakout success, the London-born, Berlin-based artist is beloved for their unstoppable energy and willingness to swerve between genres with joyous abandon.

■ No photos or videos
■ No phone use on the dancefloor
■ The dance floor is for dancing, not conversation
■ No glowing/flashing clothes or items
■ Respect other people's space, no shuffling
■ Consent is mandatory
■ Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination
■ Take care of each other, alert our staff if somebody isn't feeling well
■ Violating the house rules will result in removal
■ Ticket purchase does not guarantee entrance