January 7, 2022

France’s I Hate Models has become one of the marquee names pushing an industrial flavored neo-rave sound, both on his own label Disco Inferno and on Perc Tracks, Rave or Die and others. Over-the-top emotive bombast is braided around precision-tooled drum sounds designed to knock you off balance. Bassiani resident NDRX is a rising star of Tbilisi’s uncompromising techno scene. His style hits with a classic, revved up energy that recalls the genre’s explosive early years, yet is framed with cutting edge production techniques. Last year’s RA podcast leaps from the speakers, bobbing and weaving with the agility of a boxer. Unbridled, driving and bristling with power: don’t say we didn’t warn you. NY’s KYRUH brings a frenetic energy. Her shows with collaborator WTCHCRFT on the Lot and Berlin’s Hoer exude an unrelenting joy.