Veronica Vasicka // Hieroglyphic Being // John Barera

January 10, 2020

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VERONICA VASICKA When, in 2005, Veronica Vasicka reissued Oppenheimer Analysis’ early works for her nascent Minimal Wave label, no one knew how apt that name would become. Though largely focused on archiving lost treasures from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, the label would become a focal point for a new wave of artists who embraced the machine funk of analog equipment and raw power of straight-to-tape performance. Vasicka’s offshoot Cititrax took on this bold new crop, featuring landmark releases from Marie Davidson, An-i, Broken English Club and more. Her DJ sets remain as ahead of the curve as her curation, drawing on 4+ decades of synthetic mutations.

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING In the almost 25 years since he launched his Mathematics label (the first release was “very limited” and “only available out of his backpack”), Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being has built one of the most daring catalogues in electronic music. Rooted in Chicago house and industrial music, but spanning free jazz, experimental, harsh noise and techno, his music marries afro futurist cosmologies to rugged-yet-seductive grooves. In recent years he’s blasted through avant garde workouts with the Sun Ra Arkestra and Wolf Eyes, released landmark LPs on Soul Jazz, RVNG Ltd and Planet Mu, worked closely with Moog and toured the globe relentlessly. “I’m working through my sorrows inside the machines” he told the Guardian. “I’m thinking of this whole other galactic picture, of trying to make the world a better place.” He plays an extended live set.

JOHN BARERA John Barera is the co-founder of Jack Dept, the long-running techno/acid night and label he runs with Volvox, co-founder of Supply Records, producer for 2MR, member of B-Tracks and an internationally touring DJ. His sound is rooted in techno and house’s most classic iterations: sturdy, barreling grooves, shimmering pads, deep liquid dubs and the occasional acid burn.