Function // Claudio PRC // Elle Dee

March 18, 2022

Function - aka David Sumner - is an artist whose work commands instant respect. His productions are some of techno's most singular: his album “Incubation” on Ostgut Ton remains a high water mark for the genre, oozing paranoia over perfectly sculpted grooves and immaculate sound design. His DJ sets are legendary masterclasses, perfected over decades. His label curation, whether as a primary member of the revered Sandwell District or as the boss of Infrastructure, highlights talents as bright as Rrose, Damon Wild, and his longtime collaborator Regis. A former resident of both Berghain and the Limelight, Sumner has lived through, and been a guiding hand behind techno’s development. He remains as vital as ever. Claudio PRC makes his BASEMENT debut: The Italian producer is known for immersive, rich and supremely deep techno, with releases on standard bearing labels like Semantica and Prologue. A resident at Prague’s Anakali, his sets move with a patient, enveloping grace that reaches a boiling point before you know it. Brazilian DJ Elle Dee runs the Mild Fantasy party series and Lot Radio show. Her sound grooves with a subtle but insistent pressure, bringing a modern touch to classic sounds.