Freddy K // Pangaea // Lychee

July 15, 2022

KEY Vinyl boss Freddy K is one of those artists whose talent connects generations. Having gotten his start in the early ‘90s, he helped to establish techno as a fixture in Italy. His DJ sets, Virus radio show, label curation and behind-the-scenes work has made him a pillar in the community. He’s an uncontestable presence on the decks. More than three decades in, his engagement continues unabated: b2bs with younger artists like Dr. Rubinstein push his time-honed craft in new directions. Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea is an artist whose steady growth and commitment to exploration mirrors Freddy K’s. He emerged fully formed as a young prodigy with Hessle’s second release in 2007 with a sound that wove dubstep, garage, techno, IDM and other strains of UK music with a fluency few can match. Creatively, his evolution has continued with an enviable consistency. His just-released “Fuzzy Logic” EP explodes with percussive mania, gruff vocal samples and eerie, gamelan-esque atmospheres. Spontaneous Affinity founder Lychee ties the threads together. The emerging NY must-see summons darkly honed peak time energy as easily as spacious, dub inflected late night cruisers and hallucinatory wanderings.