FJAAK // Rachel Noon // Word of Command

December 6, 2019

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FJAAK From a Spandau-Basement experiment to a now well established force in contemporary techno: The rise of the smoked out musicians that go by the name of FJAAK has been nothing short of spectacular so far. With eleven singles & EPs, two albums and a couple of compilation appearances under their belt, FJAAK can look back on a large discography  that packs quite a punch. Easily moving through House, Techno, Rave, Ambient & Breakbeat, one can only wonder what the trio will release next. The only thing guaranteed: It will always move a dancefloor.

RACHEL NOON  Noon who began crafting her sound in the 90s, credits New York’s underground queer dance scene for her accelerated growth over the last few years. As the founder of the queer, trans and non-binary focused platform Large Marge, she has become a pillar in the scene where her roots lie. Noon is also resident of Unter. Her sets focus on creativity and structure while pushing the boundaries of sound.

WORD OF COMMAND DJ, designer and techno impresario, Word of Command blends everything from rhythmic industrial to freestyle acid. Influenced by his Cuban-American upbringing and early love of radio, he breeds chaos and catharsis in every set. He is the founder and resident of FIST (Fun is Still Transgressive), a queer techno party that pays tribute to radical fun, while engaging the visibility of communities of otherness through techno in NYC.