Blue Hour // Ariel Zetina // Miss Parker // DJ Clone // Word of Command

March 14, 2020

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️ FUN IS STILL TRANSGRESSIVE FIST engages the visibility of communities of otherness through techno in NYC. Unify to help us combat the status quo, fight mediocrity, and strive for new spaces that embrace the movement of a new culture. Annihilate hate. Join the chant. In tribute to radical fun.

BLUE HOUR  U.K. via Berlin artist Luke Standing aka Blue Hour lives at the meeting place between deadly serious techno and wicked rave. Though his roots go back to dubbier headtrips, his music seemed to spring to life in 2013 with the unveiling of his current moniker. The momentum and grandeur of the modern, post-Berghain school are married to a more versatile, colorful sound, filled with synthetic writhings and auditory illusions. Whether in his own productions or as label head for Blue Hour Music, Standing sets the controls for the void of deep space. Recent remix collaborations with luminaries like Answer Code Request, Steffi and others have stretched his music further while validating the core of his vision.

ARIEL ZETINA  Smartbar resident, transcontinental party organizer, Boukan recording artist, poet & playwright: Ariel Zetina is busy. Though her recordings can move into dreamy and laconic territories, as a DJ she’s ruthless. Her hometown of Chicago is known for pioneering the percussive assault dubbed “jacking,” and Zetina shows herself to be a devotee. Her sets weave bursts of poppy cheek and emotive color through a classically midwestern whiplash sensibility. 2019 saw her playing everywhere from DIY warehouses in Baltimore to the storied halls of Berghain.

MISS PARKER  How many DJs eviscerate the crowd with cheesegrater-sharp techno while Juuling in a sequined cowboy hat? A cursory glance at Miss Parker’s IG page reveals regular dousings in this level of full-on extroversion. The fashion maven-cum-hardcore explorer embodies the new, fearless queer techno underground: unspeakable mashups, feverish body horror, artillery grade kick drums and psychosis-triggering sound design are the standard, driving the night into the realms of the ecstatic nightmare.