FIST: // Shlømo // Ariel Zetina // January Hunt // Word of Command // DJ Clone

February 19, 2022

FIST has gone all out for this one: Taapion record founder Shlømo is known for his wide-open approach to electronic music. His productions exude a relaxed grandeur and roiling power. A steady presence on the European scene, Shlømo’s sets embody the exquisitely crafted, sumptuous-yet-hard sound of modern French techno. Chicago’s Ariel Zetina, on the other hand, has earned a reputation for her exquisite, celebratory and subversively coy sets. The poet-playwright-DJ, Smartbar resident and community organizer owns it every time she plays. Her sets glow with an intense, irrepressible energy and an intuitive, inimitable touch. NY polymath January Hunt approaches techno from the perspective of noise, or perhaps its the other way around. The mysterious artist/writer/engineer/producer brings a gnarled, enveloping texture to the dancefloor. FIST co-founders Word of Command and DJ Clone fill out the lineup. The pair’s no-holds-barred ecstatic brutalism is the embodiment of their party’s manifesto: Fun Is Still Transgressive.