September 10, 2022

BASEMENT: Randomer / Philippa Pacho / Word of Command / DJ Clone
STUDIO: Kim Ann Foxman / Onio / Ultrathem

In the last ten years, few artists have made as much of a mark on dance music’s more aggressive corners as Randomer. The UK producer has molded techno into a shape all his own: writhing, playful and devious all at once. His tracks dominate without machismo, bouncing and attacking with a furious intent balanced only by their sense of glee. So is it any surprise he’s headlining FIST? The queer party takes pride in driving the energy through the roof. In the last few years, Sweden’s Philippa Pacho has found her footing outside the renegade, illegal party series of her hometown, Stockholm. But you can still hear a bit of the criminal element in her mixes: twitchy, paranoid and thrilling, Pacho stays true to techno’s gritty roots. Breaking form from their usual b2b, Word of Command and DJ Clone each seize the helm for two solo sets. The party founders are notorious for their all-out style, riding through the night with a fearless edge.

STUDIO brings out the big guns: Kim Ann Foxman is one of the figureheads of NY house music in the 21st century. Back after she brought down the house in June, the Firehouse boss is a fearless presence in the booth. Her journey is one for the books, starting SF gay bars, moving to a tenure in the first, wildly popular iteration of Hercules and Love Affair and then establishing herself as a DJ of global renown. Whether in productions or DJ sets, whether at a festival, Klubnacht or back woods rave, it’s Foxman’s realness that has continued to captivate audiences. Berlin’s Onio has a simple rule on their Soundcloud: “Sexy Music First.” The elusive artist certainly embodies this, but not at the expense of some weirdness. Their selections confidently stride into a crunchy, tripped out deviance. Miami’s Ultrathem is a co-founder of the Internet Friends queer collective and part of a wave of fresh artists putting the city on the map with a intoxicatingly humid party energy.