FIEDEL Born and raised in Brandenburg, Fiedel found his access to music in the mid-1980s through a variety of artists and styles. Protagonists of Old School HipHop like Mantronix or Egyptian Lover have influenced him as much as the early works of Depeche Mode or Kraftwerk. Where others see opposites, he sees connections, where others suspect emptiness, he recognizes spaces, full of possibilities. The finding of unison, contexts and cohesion makes up a large part of his musical existence. The synthesis of seemingly contradictory music, the interplay and the mixture of styles and moods, without ever losing its thread, its original sound, the characteristic fiddle sound.

TIN MAN Taking influences from Chicago and radio pop rock as well as melancholic UK electronics and Sahkö, Tin Man is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Over the last decade now the man born Johannes Auvinen has explored an ever-evolving sound palette that touches on house, techno and ambient. Much like his namesake’s character in the Wizard of Oz, he has been on a mission to find his true self, except this Tin Man’s medium has been music.

JUSTIN CUDMORE Justin Cudmore is a Brooklyn-based, Midwest-born DJ whose bold, acid-flecked distillation of house and techno has found a home on the labels that are helping to shape the current landscape of transgressive body music, including The Bunker New York, Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions and HNYTRX. Justin's sound is defined by snaking acid lines, whip smart drums and offbeat rave melodies.