ETAPP KYLE Over the past few years, Etapp Kyle’s cavernous and often hallucinatory techno has dovetailed into an obsession with spatial qualities of sound. It’s an audiophile’s approach that has resounded from the soundsystems of the world’s most respected techno institutions and festivals. His production draws as much on musical elements as it does on architecture and space. Which is to say that both in his productions and DJ sets, he manages to convey not only the aesthetics but also the physical experience of the club.

ACRONYM Acronym has shown his relentless energy and creativity as a producer, DJ and live musician by continuously releasing his own brand of electronic music on high quality labels such as Semantica, Northern Electronics and Field Records. Pushing already established boundaries, spanning genres and continuously evolving his sound while keeping it unmistakably his own, shows that he has not intended to stop anytime soon. With a natural aptitude for experimentation, no set is ever the same. Making every performance a unique experience for the listeners and the venue.

KATIE REX To New York City’s dance floors, the name Katie Rex, is a familiar mainstay. With roots beginning in the Philadelphia rave scene, her passion for the underground has crossed genre boundaries and culminated into an in-depth knowledge of music and cultural trends after dark. Her sets fuse industrial sonic landscapes with club inspired drum patterns for a unique blend of playfulness with the harsher sides of techno.