August 28, 2021

DVS1 DVS1 is one of America’s most singular techno artists. A world class DJ, founder of HUSH and Mistress records and forward-thinking curator, his name is synonymous with cutting edge electronic music. He honed his skills in the storied Midwest scene, developing a style that balanced lightning fast cuts with a long-form, hypnotic pacing. Today, his sets exude an authority and presence few can match. Recently, his work has taken him beyond the dancefloor: his Berlin-based MONOM project offers residencies for electronic artists to work in multichannel surround sound, while his Wall of Sound parties foreground world class sound systems and obscure the performer.

VOLVOX Volvox is one of the most respected NY artists of the last ten years. She made her reputation at her Bossa Nova residency Jack Dept. and as one of Discowoman’s first breakout artists. But it’s been at Unter that her legacy as a force of nature has been solidified. A regular presence across the globe, Volvox’s sets slam with a darkly intoxicating playfulness.